Free Printable Chinese Fortune Greeting Card

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I don’t know how much $$$ I have spent on silly greeting cards through the years.  It was always fun to go through the racks and buy the cards that made me giggle out loud.  I think I liked cards because it made letter writing easier…less room to write!


chinese fortune card closeup

It’s fun to get a greeting card for no occasion at all, just because someone is thinking of YOU!  I like ones with silly messages like the Chinese fortunes I collected after I Googled “free Chinese fortunes”.


Silly Chinese Fortunes:

1. Some days you are pigeon, some days you are statue. Today, bring umbrella.
2. Two can live as cheaply as one, for half as long.
3. Your reality check about to bounce.
4. Two days from now, tomorrow will be yesterday.
5. Your inferiority complex not good enough. Try harder.
6. When chosen for jury duty, tell judge “fortune cookie say guilty!”
7. You will soon have an out of money experience.
8. You are cleverly disguised as responsible adult.
9. Tomorrow at breakfast, listen carefully: do what rice krispies tell you to.
10. Drive like hell, you will get there.
11. Person who eat fortune cookie get lousy dessert.
12. Okay to look at past and future. Just don’t stare.
13. Hard work pay off in future. Laziness pay off now.

I found these fortunes at

It is easy to make the greeting card:

STEP ONE:  Click and print the greeting card.

STEP TWO:  Fold the card in half and trim the card along the red lines to fit a 5 x 7 envelope.

STEP THREE:  Type the fortune message, print it out and use glue stick to attach to the greeting card.

Click and Print:

chinese fortune greeting card pic for pdf

Since there is no fortune message on this card it can be used for many occasions with your own personalized “fortune”!  It can have a funny birthday message, a fun anniversary message and with a little thought can be adapted to any occasion.

Have fun!


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