Merry Remerchandising?

merry remerchandise feature

I’m either stubborn (probably) or VERY hopeful.  This is the third time around for a cage doll I made several years ago.  By now I have about 20 hours into this doll, but it kills me to give up on it.

merry remerchandising full

This time around I used a Frida Kahlo clip art face I purchased on Etsy.  I added some Dollar Store angel wings and printed out a Feliz Navidad banner.



This is how she appeared last year at Sunrose Gallery’s December Artwalk.  I was very suprised she didn’t sell.



I thought the original version was so sweet, but no one needed her.  Her name was Queen of Patience.  She was a part of a featured artist collection that were Queens of Virtue.

merry remerchandising full

So the cage doll has one more try to sell….wish her luck!  Third time is charm? :  )


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