Washi Tape Greeting Card Idea with a Free Printable Card!

washi tape birthday feature

I’m back on the bandwagon to use up my washi tape collection! I got the idea to alternate  printed out words with washi tape.  The idea works with a simple message like “Happy Birthday to YOU” or a more wordy message with the sentence chopped into lines.

washi start

It is unbelievably difficult to make a dent in my washi tape collection!  Fortunately I got this fun idea and I think I can empty some rolls making stacks of greeting cards.

washi 1

Step One:  make the base of your 5 x 7 card with cardstock.


washi 2

Step 2:  Print out your message to fit 5″ wide.

washi 3

Step 3:  Use glue stick to attach the message.


washi 4

Step 4:  Have fun decorating the card with colorful strips of washi tape.


washi more inspiration

“I’d take a bullet for you” is one of my best selling greeting card messages, so I hope this new version will be a hit.  I made a free printable version of “You darling You” for you to print out, fold, trim and decorate. Have FUN!

I made my first (very amateurish) crafting video for this project and published it on YouTube:

washi start

click to go to Youtube video


P.S.  Happy Birthday, Russ!


After printing on cardstock,  fold in half and remove 1/2″ from top and side and 1″ from the bottom.  Decorate the spaces on top, middle and bottom with strips of washi tape like the example above.


card washi tape removed jpeg for pdf








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