Vintage LampShade Makeover

light cover completed

This was a fast and fun makeover!  I found a vintage ceiling fan cover at a garage sale for $1.00 and spiffed it up with my Pebeo glass paint for a whimsical addition to my NOT updated 1946 era kitchen.

lamp cover kitchen 2

I  was inspired by the colorful glass collection sitting in my kitchen window.

lamp cover kitchen 1

And I wanted to pull out some of the colors of the EAT sign I made last year.  This sign is my hubby’s favorite thing I’ve ever made….he plugs it in every night when he goes in the kitchen to make dinner.

lamp cover start

This vintage lamp cover LOOKS vintage LOL!


lamp cover start 2

It has some cracks that disappeared when the paint went on….YAY!


lamp cover paint

I LOVE my Pebeo vitrea glass paint.  I use them a lot for the stained glass valances I make in my LittleLaLaOriginals Etsy Shop.


lamp cover brush

I used a disposable sponge brush and cleaned it with acetone between colors.


lamp cover finished

The sponge brush worked fabulous to brush on the transparent paint colors, it easily went into the grooves.

light cover completed

You never know what you will find at a garage sale…so glad I found this cover, now I need to find another one for the light above the sink!


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